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Spiker Windows is the best manufacturer of upvc windows in bangalore. Ready to buy upvc windows and doors for your newly construct home, your at the right place to buy upvc windows no need search more. Spiker windows provides with low price upvc windows with 100% good quality guaranteed.
Why to Buy uPVC Windows and doors
It is important to understand the key features which influence the cost and quality of the windows you buy:
Do they conform to EN 12608:2003. What is the analysis? Are their profiles tested for Severe Climatic condition of a minimum of 8000 hours exposure to xenon light of 7.2GJ energy?
Check the hardware ; handles – sturdy and smooth in operation; locking system – Single or multi-point system; rollers – smooth running on self- lubricating bearings;. The material for hardware should be Zamak / SS / Steel with special coating. Most companies conduct extensive tests on the functionality and process of the hardware in addition to material corrosion tests…

Best choice of Architect, Builders and Construction Companies

Spiker windows is India’s Largest Manufacturer of upvc Windows and Doors, specialized in custom designing of doors and windows with excellent engineering craftsmanship and skills. The vast experience in designing uPVC windows makes Spiker windows a unique manufacturing company for uPVC Products.
The professional approach in engineering window and door creates significant impact on functioning, performance, quality and maintenance of the products. Spiker uPVC windows and doors suit global dynamic needs and are most durable.
Spiker windows are innovative in work and designing of vast number of windows and doors systems using uPVC new technology. Perfecting the different manufacturing process has allowed us to develop best quality products suitable for any ambiance.
Spiker uPVC Windows and Door systems surpass the standard traditional Indian designs and whether conditions with a well sophisticated approach with an elegant look particularly suitable for sub-continental weather conditions, …

SoundProof Upvc windows Bangalore

SoundProof Upvc windows is the fast moving product used for every home, apartment, luxury villas, commercial buildings etc... benefits of upvc windows doors are easy to install, less maintenance, soundproof, clear-view of outer region, low price compared to wooden windows and doors.
We are the leading distributor of windows doors in bangalore. The way we serve our client are different from other companies. We first meet the clients, understand their requirement, then we plan, prepare strategy, then execute the final developed product.
We have got huge factory outlet in which we manufacturer more than 200 windows and doors per day minimum. The company has installed more than 2,00,000 windows and doors in india.
Every builders and architects of construction company demands and buy our products with pride. Almost every construction company in bangalore are the clients for us.
Spiker windows aim is to design and develop the best quality product with low price to the clients.
Spiker wind…

uPVC Windows and Doors Environment

Spiker uPVC windows and doors are suitable for any type of weather and every terrain and they are a great space-saver. But apart from their many amazing qualities, one thing that stands out about uPVC windows and doors is that they are environment friendly. For several years now, all Spiker window and door profiles bear the patent “Green-line” Trademark wherein all the profiles are free from heavy metal/lead and only produced by using Calcium-zinc stabilizer. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabilizer that makes uPVC profiles even more resistant to the most aggressive weather conditions.
While many may go for the conventional windows and doors, an environment-conscious person would go for the environment friendly or eco-friendly or green windows. It does its part in saving as many trees as it can. The other reason uPVC windows and doors are called environment friendly or eco-friendly or green windows is the fact that they are actually energy efficient. It save electricity consumption du…


Spiker uPVC window frames don't need painting or sealing which significantly reduces the maintenance required over their lifetime. They are easily cleaned with water and detergent.
Spiker uPVC is a very durable material used in water and sewer pipes for at least 100 years. Vinyl windows are so durable that the vast majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use. Good quality uPVC windows and doors are tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure they won't fade in the harsh Indian sun.
Spiker uPVC does not rot and is resistant to corrosion.
Unlike metals, uPVC is non-conductive meaning its use in window frames does not transfer heat and therefore contributes to a more consistent internal temperature for a building. The combination of uPVC window frames and double glazing makes for highly energy efficient windows.
Spiker uPVC window systems allow for opening in two directions to enh…

Upvc windows doors company in bangalore

Spiker windows formulation and manufacturing process makes Upvc windows doors company in bangalore that deliver energy efficiency, superior performance, and environmentally safe product with the promise of long-term sustain ability.
Spiker windows was started by a team of professionals with exceptional technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge connecting to provide world class marketing, consulting and installation services for all types of Windows and Doors.
Spiker windows offers windows & doors profile system with highest noise insulation & heat insulation values as well as conforming relevant International standards . After giving a makeover to homes, hotels, hospitals & commercial offices around the world, Spiker windows envisions to refashion India.... Modern buildings today expect excellence in residential and industrial sectors. Headquartered in Bangalore, India Spiker windows is well versed in all aspects of product installations, from outlet dressing t…

Upvc windows doors in hyderabad

Spiker window is the best product supplier of upvc windows and doors for villa in bangalore. UPVC Villa Windows that provide a sequence of airtight insulation, grills and protection against insects through a mesh. The traditional Indian window are the best it can ever be form and function combine to give you a complete solution for Indian villas.
Spiker UPVC windows and doors are being manufactured, capable of optimally responding to the new demands of energy and economic savings and to environmental most in-built policies. UPVC windows and doors guarantee excellent insulation performance, significant energy savings and further positive conclusion for the environment.
Our UPVC windows and doors are bright, modern and attractive. All our products offer the highest levels of security and energy efficiency, and are available in a wide range of styles and colors to suit every home. Being specialized in design, extrusion, fabrication, installation and services, spiker window and door system…