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Spiker windows is a complete uPVC Windows and Doors solution provider specializing in the design, and installation of precision-engineered, made to order UPVC doors and windows systems.
Due to the support of our dedicated team of professionals, our company is involved in offering a massive array of UPVC Windows. Our UPVC Window is sound proof and termite resistant due to which its inquiry is rising rapidly in the market. Moreover, these windows are stylish and attractive in look.
Easy installation Perfectly polished Scratch resistance Optimum finish Durable
With the support of spiker team of expert, we are able to present our clients excellent quality UPVC Window. This windows can be easily fitted in the windows panes and are appropriate for various applications in commercial buildings, residential houses, hotels and modern office blocks. It is monsoon proof, resistant to strong winds, dependable, termite resistant and needs negligible maintenance. This doors windows is provided …

Low cost Aluminium windows

Spiker windows has a range of different styles of aluminium windows & doors to suit any project that you undertake. Therefore before you decide to choose one among many aluminium window manufacturers make sure you have selected the right one. Once you have decided, the next step would be to install them.
If you have decided to install aluminium windows in your office of home, then it is a smart decision. However, you cannot afford to take it likely as these items are quite expensive, especially if you are talking about different designs like the bi-fold ones. There is one more important factor which needs to be taken into consideration, which is the fact that these items cannot be changed easily.
The aluminium sliding windows consist of top quality wheels with an adjustable carriage brass axles. Optimal quality and aluminium is used from ourside. Aluminium windows is the new pattern window to give the best front look to your dream home.
Making of aluminium windows pass through many…


Spiker windows offer best quality, stylish, highly protected, comfort, ease to use upvc windows and doors. We are well known for manufacturing different styles of upvc windows and doors in bangalore. We supply structural glazing upvc windows, sliding upvc doors, upvc bifold doors,windows and doors security locks ,custom made windows and many more.
Spiker windows is always known for state-of-the-art designs and for the hard work our manufacturers do to design Upvc windows and doors.
We have team of experts who designs the best and attractive interior and exterior windows and doors for your home. Our projects are an examples of the new designs of upvc windows which is well appreciated by all our clients.
Bangalore is a place where we get stylish looks for interiors or for commercial buildings so we have our own manufacturing hub units in marathahalli- bangalore where we are able to supply our upvc windows and doors to most of the construction team, builders and for home owners. In order…

Energy Efficient upvc windows

Spikerwindows offers a good range of energy efficient UPVC windows as a good compliments to every home. Spikerwindows one of the best suppliers and manufacturers of Upvc windows in India and favourite among all the interior designers, architects, builders.
We offer the best and high quality material with unique designs. we offer a slim windows, beautiful lines, shiny end and thermally terribly energy efficient upvc windows which supplies acoustic protection. The energy efficient is that the best choice as a result of it reduces the heating costs of your own and keeps your home pleasent and cool all time. they need been rated for energy potency that is at highest and laws.
Energy efficient UPVC Windows acts as a single, double or triple glazing and additionally reduces condensation. they need double sheets of glass coated with insulation within the gap. They're extremely Air-tightened in comparison to the opposite traditional windows. This Energy efficient upvc windows may move a…

upvc balcony windows and doors

Spiker windows is your one-stop solution for noise-proof, sound-proof, weather-resistant, no-painting, low-maintainence, Rust-free doors, Aircon-saving and windows that are custom-made to suit your needs. May it be Balcony, bedroom, living room or patio windows or doors, you could could find one just right here. Weather proof Noise proof Sound proof Aircon proof Termite proof No Maintance No Painting Strong winds Spiker windows Systems is the largest manufacturer of UPVC balcony windows doors solutions for Indian homes and offices. Whether for a balcony, or a terrace or even a veranda, contemporary doors transform the look of your house inside and outside. sliding doors make the most perfect balcony door systems as appearance wise they create an open living space for you.
Spiker windows has four types of door designs namely Sliding Doors, Casement Doors, Balcony Doors and French doors. Out of all three, sliding doors make the most perfect balcony windows doors systems as appearance w…

upvc windows for apartment, luxury villas, bungalows

Spiker windows is the top upvc windows for apartment, luxury villas,bungalows in India. windows is home to some of the newest, most luxurious and most impressive accommodation in the world. Apartments change hands for over a million pounds on a usual basis. There are also huge numbers of tower blocks that sprung up during the late 20th century, some of which now assist as reminders of design trends of the past.
All of these buildings need to be regularly maintained, both to improve their appearance and to maintain good safety standards. Fortunately, Spiker Windows are professionals in installing brand new uPVC windows in high-rise apartments.
The Process
Installing windows is commonly seen as an activity that takes place from the outside, but this practice is slowly changing. Obviously, there should be clear safety issues to take into account if you’re working outside the window opening – and there’s the problem of getting fitters up to get the windows in place. For many reasons, includi…

best price upvc windows

Spiker uPVC windows are the most popular material for replacement windows in India. This material is so popular as it offers businesses and homeowners alike high levels of security, durability and energy efficiency.
Double glazed windows units are the most popular choice that are equipped with uPVC frames, this option will make your home or business energy efficiency, great window style and all at an affordable price.
All properties lose an amount of heat via windows, but uPVC double glazed windows can dramatically decrease this and saves your money on heating bills. As technology has advanced over the previous decade, double glazed uPVC windows will also keep your home cool in the summer while keeping it warm in the winter.
If you are looking to replace your old windows and think uPVC is the best option for you, then we can help you find a trusted, prospected and certified company at the most competitive price. We work with india’s largest network of fully prospect uPVC Windows supplier…


Spiker windows introduces buy online upvc windows in bangalore. We have happily served the best clients among the world are: Prestige group, Ozone group, Ssv projects, JND construction, Framez Design studio, many more...
Spiker windows is the first company to start the online business for upvc windows in bangalore. Buy upvc windows through our online upvc windows store. Our products are found to be less price compared to other companies.
While purchasing UPVC windows and doors, it is obligatory to appreciate that the chief advantage of this kind of windows and doors is that they do not have any preservation price. UPVC doors and windows does not corrode, decay, erode or are termite infested. They are capable to hold any weather forms and won’t need to be tinted every 5 years. Thus, there will be no extended time cost for this fabric. As it is energy conserving, it too decreases the cost of heating and cooling. This is totally striking budget wise.
Thus, let us talk concerning the price o…

Upvc Windows

Spiker windows uPVC is India’s most trusted manufacturer and distributor of uPVC windows. We specialize in designing different types of uPVC doors windows customized to your specific requirements.
uPVC is the excellent solution for Indian weather conditions as well as maintaining high quality design standards. uPVC doors windows protect your living space from noise pollution, dust, rain and much more.
Spiker windows uPVC doors windows are most durable, sustainable and will last for many more years. Perfecting international manufacturing processes has allowed us create superior quality products suitable for any ambience.
Our uPVC doors windows provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.
Spiker windows uPVC doors windows are specially designed for strength, fire resistance and dimensional accuracy. We maintain the highest quality standards at very low prices and low maintenance. No longer will you be hassled by re-painting. Our anti-staining component adds …

Readymade upvc windows bangalore

Spiker windows is the first manufacturer to introduce readymade upvc windows in bangalore, india. The quality of readymade upvc windows we design are the most demanded windows doors. We have manufactured nearly 1lac readymade upvc windows for apartment, luxury villas, commercial buildings.
We are the first choice for the construction companies. Many architects feels that UPVC doors and windows from spiker windows are really good selection for home owners and well designed ready made upvc windows are available with lots of different designs.
Our Ready made doors and windows are available for any size, design and shape. Installation is also done by our experienced manufacturers. There are lot of option in upvc doors and windows as we can select sliding internal windows doors, bifold doors, thermoglaze frames, structural glazing and many more .
Construction of luxury homes, apartments and other buildings are increasing in today’s world . The world is modernizing with new products and are…

window door manufacturers

Spiker Windows – A leader in uPVC windows and doors manufacturer in India offers solutions that are weatherproof, soundproof, dustproof, energy efficient and eco-friendly. With a countrywide presence, Spiker windows has already provided uPVC windows and doors to over 1,00,000 homes in India.
Spiker windows has its own manufacturing units in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar where experienced manufacturers are there. We have designing unit so customer can give their favourite designs of windows and doors for there dream home. Our window door manufacturers well experienced that they manufacture more than 200 windows and doors per day. So contact us to get the best designed windows and doors from our manufacturers.
Windows Doors manufacturers in Bangalore are made of vinyl polymer, usually abstracted PVC, and will be a thermoplastic compound. UPVC may well be a vinyl polymer manufactured unit from continuation vinyl teams having one in every of their hydrogens replaced with a chloride cluster.

Upvc windows installation

Spiker windows is the one and only company across world which control the entire supply material chain and hence ensures the quality on each and every steps. The following steps of quality ensures are:
Site Survey:Trained and skilled survey supervise the production house and measure each calculation to make sure perfect designing windows and doors manufaturing. 24 x 7 site supervision done on production department, installation and impementation department and marketing department.
Installation: private and most secure method implemented for the installation of product as per the company protocols and inherit the conventional prototype with the new raw materials.
Blending: Kota is the birth place to supply the PVC product. The tropical and classical blend of upvc is prepared by adding various additives to make its confidence and withstand various whether conditions.
Extrusion: The state of the art extrusion plant feeds fabrication facilities across the country with window and door profile…

Upvc windows maintenance

Spiker windows are the best Double-Hung windows Maintenance and Care one of the most popular designs for homeowners. Since it opens and closes while not protuding, double-hung windows are a superb choice for rooms facing walkways.
Spikerwindows – we design upvc windows and doors which is best suitable for Indian climatic conditions. We design thousands of upvc windows and doors with different styles, sizes, color combination. These products doesn't let noise, dust, water to enter your home.
Spikerwindows offer different style, safe and secured windows. These doors and windows are much preferred by most of the builders, architects, home owners because of its 'n' number of advantages and its is best suitable for all type of interior decors. As we have colored upvc there is no need of repainting. Users can choose different color combinations of windows and doors that is best suitable for interiors.
Proper finishing and in progress maintenance of the finish of a wooden wind…

best price upvc windows bangalore

Spiker windows provides the best price upvc windows in bangalore for your home, apartment, villas, luxury homes.
What makes UPVC Doors/windows UPVC Profile- Frame, Sash, Glazing Bead Steel Reinforcement Glass- Insulating Glass, Safety Glass, Security Glass, Fittings- Hinges, Rollers, Handles, Locking mechanism Accessories-Gasket, screws etc…
Spiker Windows is the best upvc windows dealers in bangalore with huge variety of upvc windows doors. Our main aim is to provide the best choice of upvc windows with good looking design for our valuable clients. We are the wholesale dealers and retail distributor in india.
Why do builders or architects opt for Upvc windows ?
Spiker windows offer premium quality products and can be done for any dimension – any structure. Now vehicular traffic, noise and air pollution is increasing day by day, this makes home even more dirty and cannot stay comfortable.
People always look out for high quality and smooth finish which protects windows doors and preserve …