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Sliding Upvc Windows Doors

Spiker window offers Sliding Upvc Windows Doors, kitchens ,balconies and for commercial buildings . These doors are specially designed with sashes that can easily slide on the tracks. Sliding doors can be designed to any dimensions, it can be made wider and taller according to customer needs .
These internal doors are deigned in such a manner that sashes are raised slightly above the ground level so that it prevents the dust from settling in those tracks. As a result we can experience a easy and smother sliding even after using these sliding internal doors for many years.
The popularity and necessity for sliding doors is increasing day by day . There are many reasons why sliding doors are in necessity in the modern construction . There are many types of sliding internal doors.
Uses of sliding upvc windows doors Very easy to operate.Always easy to maintain.Space savingSliding upvc windows are very durableEasy to cleanEnergy efficientWeather resistantAvailable in many shades

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low cost upvc windows

Ready to buy upvc windows in bangalore. Now its time buy low price upvc windows in bangalore brought by the most branded company spiker windows. While purchasing UPVC doors and windows, it is obligatory to appreciate that the chief advantage of this kind of windows and doors is that they do not have any preservation cost.
Thus, let us talk concerning the cost of UPVC windows and UPVC doors. There will be the preliminary cost of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which is truly lesser than that of timber and less or more equal to aluminum.
There are growing number manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows India as it is a rising market.
One has to appreciate that doors & windows are not an expedient product and there is no more thumb-rule for quotation. Some of the additional phases are to consider in the price factor. Good superiority profile will augment price 15-20 % costlier than cheaper Turkish & Indian profiles made windows & doors. Now a day’s UPVC windows and doors…

UPVC Windows and Doors Systems

Spiker windows are the best upvc windows and doors systems in bangalore. Specializing in pulling sectors & manufacturing UPVC windows & doors using the latest German systems.
We are largest manufacturer and supplier of uPVC window and door systems to residential homes, commercial buildings, villas and other businesses.
Spiker U-PVC Windows & Doors Systems produces high quality, energy efficient windows and doors profiles in india and is committed to provide quality products with superior services for domestic markets. The production range consists of two distinguished U-PVC doors and windows systems, both of which have aesthetic designs, sound, perfect heat, dust, air and water insulation, rot and resistance to corrosion, fire proof and abrasion and have life long guarantee.
While choosing the U-PVC windows, customers have never had such a wide range of options to choose from – whether they want to increase a household’s security and energy efficiency, or simply want to imp…

upvc windows bangalore

Spiker windows is a company that develops soundproof UPVC windows and doors that can give you a silent and peaceful respite. Well! This means a lot of peace to you if you have had your windows and doors troubling you for so long till now. Right?
Today's cities are getting more and more noisy. Nice silent and calm environment is disappearing. If your surrounding is silent, then, you are livng in luxury! Doors and windows play a major role in creating noise which is really irritating.
We provide you smooth moving and noise-free sliding windows and doors. Sliding doors are widely used in offices and industries. Sliding windows are usually used in residential and educational spaces, these windows is the most compact way of letting light and air inside as it opens up fully. Sliding windows range from 1'x1' to 20' x 20'. There are some windows which can constantly let in light and air across seasons. Such fixed windows are mounted to one space to remain there at all t…

Upvc windows monsoon

Spiker windows are engaged in offering of UPVC monsoon Windows, widely used material in manufacturing windows and doors. Our upvc products are tested before offering to the customers, to satisfy the quality and reliability of the products. These are available in a range of sizes, colours, designs and they have been made using the best technology available in the market.
Gives superior look to home Long lasting service Quality assured
Our upvc monsoon Windows are especially made to suit the climate. The upvc profiles are made of various Indian climates like extreme heat & cold, heavy rainfall.
The raw materials we use are appropriated from one of the world's largest manufacturers of UPVC profiles. We use only heavy duty upvc profiles specially designed to suit the highly alternative tropical weather conditions. Our system is professionally managed, backed by well trained managers along with a team member of skilled and efficient workforce. The products which are w…

Upvc Windows

Spiker windows is the world's no.1 upvc windows manufacturer in india, bangalore. Spiker windows are India’s largest distributor and manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors located at Bangalore, india. uPVC means unplasticized poly vinyl chloride, Spiker windows specialized in designing different types of windows and doors with amazing ranges of uPVC Windows and uPVC Door systems.
Spiker windows offers a long range of premium quality UPVC Doors to our customers at very cost effective prices. The products are developed & designed by using premium quality materials with sophisticated tools & techniques that ensures its vigorous construction, high durability, fine finish and standard dimensional accuracy.
Spiker windows in Bangalore, has 3 production bases of doors & windows assembly, which can manufacture a series of casement doors, sliding doors, sliding windows. The main series are: 60 series, 65 series, and 88 series.
Spiker windows selected high-grade hardware, high qua…


Spiker Windows is the best manufacturer of upvc windows in bangalore. Ready to buy upvc windows and doors for your newly construct home, your at the right place to buy upvc windows no need search more. Spiker windows provides with low price upvc windows with 100% good quality guaranteed.
Why to Buy uPVC Windows and doors
It is important to understand the key features which influence the cost and quality of the windows you buy:
Do they conform to EN 12608:2003. What is the analysis? Are their profiles tested for Severe Climatic condition of a minimum of 8000 hours exposure to xenon light of 7.2GJ energy?
Check the hardware ; handles – sturdy and smooth in operation; locking system – Single or multi-point system; rollers – smooth running on self- lubricating bearings;. The material for hardware should be Zamak / SS / Steel with special coating. Most companies conduct extensive tests on the functionality and process of the hardware in addition to material corrosion tes…


Spiker windows is the top leading upvc windows and doors systems in bangalore. High performing uPVC window designs from Spiker window are elegant, durable and easy to maintain.
Spiker Windows uPVC is India’s most trusted distributor and manufacturer of uPVC windows. We specialize in designing different types of uPVC windows customized to your specific requirements.
uPVC windows is the perfect solution for Indian weather conditions as well as maintaining high quality design standards. uPVC windows protect your living space from sound pollution, dust, rain and much more. Spiker Windows uPVC windows are most sustainable, durable and will last for many years. Perfecting international manufacturing processes has allowed us to create superior quality products suitable for any ambience. Our uPVC windows provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.
Spiker Windows uPVC windows are specially designed for strength, fire resistance and dimensional accuracy.


UPVC windows and doors manufacturers INDIA USA RUSSIA CHINA

Spiker Windows – A leader in uPVC windows and doors manufacturer in India offers solutions that are weatherproof, soundproof, dustproof, energy efficient and eco-friendly. With a countrywide presence, Spiker windows has already provided uPVC windows and doors to over 1,00,000 homes in India. Our windows and doors are specially designed to suit the harsh climatic and environmental conditions in India.
When you set up for choosing new doors and windows for your home, many things comes to our mind however, it's conjointly a troublesome task to seek out the simplest one. Nobody desires to compromise with the looks and standards, however the necessary factors that should be in mind is that the security and safety of our homes which is that the reason, UPVC WINDOWS AND DOORS have all the options that are hardly out there with the other material. The important qualities of the UPVC doors and windows are given below.
UPVC products are weather friendly – As compared to different upvc doors a…

Sound Proof upvc windows doors INDIA, USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY, CANADA

Spiker Windows is one of the best Sound Proof upvc windows doors manufacturers in Bangalore. We provide the best quality upvc products to the customers. Our range of products are termite proof, sound proof and energy efficient upvc windows. Before you going to purchase sound proof upvc windows and doors, it’s good to understand how sound really works in the world.
Sound is created up of low and high frequency waves. when something makes a sound, those waves travel in all directions from the source. The waves travel till they meet some kind of resistance, like a wall or sofa. Sometimes it may cause waves to echo, actually strengthening the sound. Proper sound proofing uses materials that block and absorb sound and prevent reverb and echo.
If “Noise” is the main reason to buy windows and doors, upvc windows is the best possible solution to the customers. Within, sash range of products, folding and sliding systems is what we would recommend for the most effective results.
Spiker Windows can…


Spiker Windows provides the best quality ready made upvc windows in bangalore, india. We provide all types of marketing and installation services of upvc windows and doors. Spiker Windows was started by a team of professionals with techinical expertise and extensive industry knowledge.
Spiker Windows is well suited for all aspects of upvc windows and doors installations from dressing to the final hand over to the client. Most of the people expects excellence modern buildings for commercial and in residential sectors. Our company is located in Bangalore, India.
Our high quality service is initiated with extra involvement at every stage; right selection of windows and doors to consultation of required resources and equipment to final completion of the project. We offering continual functional and technical support to our clients for total satisfaction.
Our team experts helps manufacturing facility to provide high quality products to our customers. By hands-on experience, direct communicati…

German Upvc Windows usa, russia, china, japan, india

Spiker windows are the best “german upvc window manufacturers” with various collection of designs. Spiker Windows is the world's largest German manufacturer in high quality uPVC windows and doors systems. We provide high quality German UPVC Windows and Doors to our clients in order to provide them full satisfaction. We have a very strong workforce of highly qualified engineers who have skill in manufacturing high grade UPVC Windows and Doors. We provide a wide range of UPVC windows Products that is highly demanded in the construction and other industries.
The UPVC doors and windows are designed in consideration to provide an eco-friendly upvc product range in the market. Windows can also be specified coupled together, in 90 degree bays and splay bays, with factory fitted bay poles and capping. The UPVC Windows and Doors are wrapped with a unique set of advantages like cost-effective, stylish look, highly durable and are corrosion resist.
Our Materials are of ultra-high quality…