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upvc windows and doors manufacturers in india

upvc windows and doors manufacturers in india
We specialize in manufacturinguPVC Windows & Doors.Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a specially formulated PVC which has been made resistant against the UV rays of the sun. The window and door systems we design and manufacture feature high cushioning values for the best energy performance and long-lasting for years of low maintenance. We offer a unique range of colours and surface finishes. The product range is rounded out with window sills, safe roller and shutters, uPVC sheets for the building industry (used for example as residential door panels), cladding and balcony systems. we produce uPVC profiles for windows and doors, shutters.
Benefits of upvc windows and doorsas follows :
Heat Reduction - The heat transition Co-Efficient (the so called U-Value) of the window is a crucial factor with regard to insulation. connected with special insulating glasses, Spiker high-quality synthetic profiles obtain optimum results through pr…

Why to buy upvc windows and doors

Why to buy upvc windows and doors
UPVC windows and doors are the most popularly purchased due to the fact that they offer everything that is needed as well as being affordable and very long lasting, especially when compared to other options such as timber. They should be energy efficient, sound insulating, attractive, easily opened and closed, secure, low maintenance and more. Windows are expected to perform various functions such as permitting in light, keeping out cold/heat, noise attenuation, as well as being aesthetically interesting, needing lower maintenance and using efficient materials, energy saving, processes in place of scarce, energy efficient traditional materials.

The benefits of uPVC Windows and doors Virtually maintenance free - won't rust or fade Provide improved safety and security of your home Tested and Certificated with an approved energy rating Long lasting and reliable A wide range of styles and colours to compliment your home


UPVC window frames bangalore

Upvc window frames have been popular in bangalore, India, for many years being to their durability and low maintenance. UPVC windows are outstanding for sound insulation, especially in the growing urban regions. UPVC windows can withstand extremes of heat, wind, cold, rain and snow without corroding, peeling, chipping or flaking. UPVC limits the transfer of cold and heat over the frame and as a result can reduce dependence on heaters and air conditioners. These frames can also be filled with foam insulation to more improve thermal performance.
uPVC, The Building Material
uPVC windows frame can also be found in such shapes as ellipticals, arches, eyebrows, rounds and half rounds, trapezoids, octagons, circles, ovals and half-ovals. As better quality windows are always custom measured and made triangular, off-square and arced alteration can be made to flow with the shape of the building.
• uPVC insulated window frames are specifically designed to organize insulated doub…

Sound proof windows and doors

Worried about hearing of more noise when your at home or office place, Spiker windows provide the best sound proof windows and doors that will help you out with less noise. Our soundproof door uses classic door hardware instead of the more extravagant thick door hardware that our competitors must use. Our Noise Reducing Window Treatments will reduce the percentage that will be leading to less noise. It is very expensive to get a recognized noise reduction of anything beyond 20% with replacement windows.
Spiker Windows can reduce the current noise levels by 95% or by 75%,depending on actual noise levels, the noise reduction may be recognized as 100%.

How Much Noise Reduction is Enough?
Our customers feel the noise reduction is very significant – and surely enough to end the noise ‘problem’. No more need to increase voices or alter TV volumes to tune out the noise. Now you can sleep late, enjoy solitude, and reduce stress. we can install one of our recording studio quality windows and exac…