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Doors and Window Manufacturers in Bangalore

Doors and Window Manufacturers in Bangalore
Spiker Windows and Doors manufacturing company recongnized in the fiber glass upvc windows and doors industry. We offers one of the most comprehensive lines of high performance energy efficient upvc windows and doors in Bangalore, India. Spiker provides high quality upvc window frames that offers energy efficiency and beauty combined with a life time warranty to guarantee the quality of our products. Spiker UPVC Windows and Doors provides reliable, thermally efficient, cost effective and long durable upvc windows and doors.
Spiker Windows production headquarters for aluminium windows and doors manufacturing in Bangalore from our aluminium and upvc windows are shipped all over the World. We manufacture only the highest performing upvc windows and doors, our products are tested to maintain highest energy ratings that meets the standard requirements in the industry. Manufacturing Doors and Windows allows us to achieve top quality upvc windows t…

Improve your thermal insulation with the best upvc windows!

Improve your thermal insulation with the best upvc windows
With windows made from Spiker profiles, the heat alwaysstays outside the building thanks for their thermal insulation properties. This ensures that lower cooling bills, comfertable living climate reduce co2 emissions. Windows made from Spiker profile are well suitable for energy efficiency and energy conscious renovation of older buildings.
There is a pressure difference between inside and outside, air will flow through tracks between window and doors. The air leakage properties of doors and window systems contribute to the overall building air infilltration. This leads to increase cooling and heating loads when the air entering from outdoor, building needs to be heated or cooled. Air leakage also gives summer cooling loads to promote interior humidity level.
Openable windows and door systems can be responsible for air leakage between sash and upvc windows frame elements. Weather stripping and tight sealing of doors, windows, …

Openable and Non-Openable Windows and Doors

Outside Openable Windows and DoorsThe windows and doors is used to fix inward and outward opening benefits, such type of windows and doors are much easier to open and it is more flexible.The slope design on the surface is normal and slim to make it more aesthetic, attractive and eye catching to the customers.Glass thickness range is from 4mm to 33 mm.This type of windows and doors normally fitted in 2.7 mm thickness of wall and it can fix with the perfect support.Coating with 3-chamber assembly profile provides high optimal thermal insulation. Inside Opening Windows and DoorsThis type of upvc windows is opened by inside.Benefit of using upvc windows is sound absorbtion solutions and it is more useful in many ways including energy saving doors.The slim slope design and smoother design gives a elegant look to the windows and doors.For security lock arrangements gives the maximum safety and increase theft control.Glass range of windows and doors is between 4mm to 30mm.

Sound Proof Aluminium Windows

Welcome to most modern Sound Proof Aluminium Windows and UPVC Windows Services from Spiker.
Spiker Windows specializes in manufacturing, designing and installation of Sound Proof Aluminium Windows and UPVC Windows Systems. Spiker Windows offers you a wide range of windows and doors with delicate combination of style, security and strength of customized designed products. Spiker Windows is the world largest manufacturing of upvc windows and aluminium window in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar.
Modern UPVC Windows and Doors
With advanced technologies and constant innovation, Spiker Windows confirm various British and Indian Standards. This combination with precision in engineering works, that makes Spiker Windows is an expert in its field. Our executives communicate with end user and our manufactiring facility to provide latest modern products that endeavour to best of all your expectations as a client. While offering such type of outstanding services and distinct experience without compromising …

Clean and Care for UPVC Windows

Spiker UPVC Windows is extremely durable, so that we always clean and care for upvc windows. Therefore upvc windows need a very little maintenance in order to keep our windows and doors looks best. Some of the cleaning and maintenance tips which helps you to keep windows and doors as clean.
When you research about this article you will get a number of useful tips for cleaning UPVC. But most important thing is : you can easily clean windows and doors with your house hold cleaners which you using regularly in Home.
Clean UPVC Surrounds: Take warm water and include little washing up liquid diluted in that water, that will remove dirt from the UPVC surrounds.
Clean your Windows: Take warm water with a small quantity of liquid to get the rid of surface dirt, wait until the window glass should dry then get rid of streaks polish with crumpled newspaper.
Clean Window Sills: Most of the cleaning and maintaining agents are use wooden window sills to clean window sills. But that do not react wi…

Noise Reducing Window Treatments: Acoustic Window Shades

Spiker Windows are not only an innovation in acoustics and we also offer an noise reducing window treatments: Acoustic Window Shades and upvc windows. Designing energy efficient and sound proof working on such type of environments has been a goal of Spiker Windows. We are the newest addition to a line of product solutions in pursuit of that goal of creating effective, efficient windows.
The glazed window and door surfaces reflects the sound, creating distortion and noise problems. Spiker Window offers unique performance and absorb 80% of coherent speech frequencies(500, 1000 and 2000Hz). Spiker Windows absorb 35% of articulate speech frequencies. Our customers will get huge performance in a tiny package.
Acoustic Window Benefits Ease of Use: Compatible with all major vertical blind track systems. Slim and Attractive Design: Wehave a same appearance as traditional vertical blinds. An energy efficient acoustical treatment with the same stack height as traditional. There is no trade o…

What is a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors?

What is a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors?

Is this a fair price to pay for double glazing windows and doors ? - 
prices for windows and doors aren't governed by any government department, every company is free to set their own rates. Some companies employ self employed sales people, who wish to close the sale and they need you to buy there and then, so that you don’t have time to visualize anyone else or have probability to compare their offer with different companies.
Unfortunately, the salespeople who earn their income via commission sales or by hitting targets, are often tempted to out stay their welcome or be over aggressive, even criminals who were sentenced for aggressive sales techniques. At Spiker Windows, we don't employ sales people, we'll deal directly to our customers.
Some companies however, do try to educate you about choices you've got, they provide you a variety of products they “think you will like” instead of, “you should have this”…