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Balcony Conversion Using UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Spiker Windows offers Balcony Conversions using UPVC Double Glazed Windowsand Doors in Bangalore. In India, lots of homes have balconies, but when you drive around you notice that plenty of them are never used either in summer or winter. Basically, up to 33% of heat is lost through insulated window frames and single glazed windows?
One of the simplest ways to insulate your home is through upvc double glazed windows and doors. Double glazed UPVC windows and doors essentially stop heat from inside from escaping. You will satisfy the price of the window in the money saved from heating bills. Thus it’s a wise investment and also good for the atmosphere.
While choosing UPVC double glazing, customers are unsure of the design of opening windows and doors that are available in the market. Their are pros and cons for every kind of window opening, some windows open in and some windows open out.
Inside opening windows like tilt and turn need a space for the window to open completelly in to and a…

Top Performing, renewable UPVC Windows and Door Designs

Spiker Windows offers Top Performing, renewable UPVC Windows and Door Designs to the customers. We have a huge range of Windows and Doors with different styles and sizes to choose from. UPVC windows and door types available in softwood, hardwood, glazed and moulded as well as fire windows and doors for safety and peace of mind. Our windows range include A rated products and a huge range of UPVC windows and Doors. Internal Doors: We have a huge range of Internal Doors in nustyles and sizes to choose from. Available door types include softwood and glazed as well as fire doors for safety and peace of mind. Glazed Doors: We have a huge range of Internal Single and Double Glazed Doors and windows to suit your home. Softwood, hardwood and bi-fold designs are also available. Internal Folding and Sliding Doors: Our Bi-Fold Internal Folding & Sliding Doors allow you to separate rooms in a stylish way and create opening space as required. A range of styles and sizes are available. Bi-Fold Doors…

Sound Proof Windows and Doors

Spiker Windows is one of the upvc doors and windows manufacturers in Bangalore. We provide the best quality upvc products to the customers. Our range of products are termite proof, sound proof and energy efficient upvc windows. Before you going to purchase sound proof upvc windows and doors, it’s good to understand how sound really works in the world.
Sound is created up of low and high frequency waves. when something makes a sound, those waves travel in all directions from the source. The waves travel till they meet some kind of resistance, like a wall or sofa. Sometimes it may cause waves to echo, actually strengthening the sound. Proper sound proofing uses materials that block and absorb sound and prevent reverb and echo.
If "Noise" is the main reason to buy windows and doors, upvc windows is the best possible solution to the customers. Within, sash range of products, folding and sliding systems is what we would recommend for the most effective results.
Following reason…

Top UPVC Windows and Doors Dealers

Spiker Windows is India’s largest windows and doors company in Bangalore, India. We are one of the top UPVC Windows and Doors Dealers in India. It has installed more than thousands of windows and doors for homes and offices.

Empowered with knowledge of India’s extreme conditions, Spiker has designed UPVC windows and doors that are able to withstand India’s extreme climate. Spiker has own sales and service presence in nearly 50 cities. As window experts, we takes pride in its capability to serve individual homes and giant developers with equal ease.

High accuracy engineering and exciting system – that’s what defines Spiker UPVC windows and doors. Best quality UPVC Windows Bangalore, Spiker products meet a wide range of needs perfectly commanding your love and respect. Spiker Windows solutions are available for Corrosion free windows, Termite Proof UPVC Windows, Thermoglaze UPVC Windows, Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors and UPVC Casement Windows. 

Spiker  windows and doors are virt…

How to clean and maintain UPVC Windows

Cleaning UPVC Windows have a major impact on the attractiveness of a home, thus it comes as no surprise that you want to keep your windows and doors as white as possible. UPVC doors and windows have become incredibly popular with homeowners, because windows are extremely durable and energy efficient and they're easy to clean and maintain.
However, we doesn’t stop windows and doors getting dirty from time to time, as with all windows, they will eventually accumulate dust and dirt. If you purchased new windows or current windows are looks dirty, cleaning them many times a year will keep them good condition. Keep your UPVC windows looking as good as new with the guidelines below.
How to clean UPVC Window and Doors Frames
The frame is the most outstanding part of the window therefore it’s important that it’s kept as clean and presentable as possible. Although you have innovative double glazing windows, a tired looking frame can bring them down. Follow the ideas below to stay your UPVC wi…

UPVC Windows | Questions and Answers

1. What is UPVC?
UPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. UPVC is also called as rigid PVC because it is strong, stable and safe. UPVC is very common for building a material. Thus we find lots of benefits from UPVC Windows.
2. Which is the best quality UPVC windows to install?
UPVC Windows is the best brand to install.
3. Where are your windows and doors manufactured?
Spiker Windows manufactured UPVC Windows in Bangalore, India.
4. Are your windows and doors suitable for house?
Yes our windows and doors are suitable your building because upvc is stable and safe. If your project is exposed to higher wind pressure we need to work with your engineer to check your window and door schedule.
5. Are your windows and doors glazed in the factory?
Normally not. Double glazed windows and doors are heavy. Glazed windows and doors are difficult to install and transport. Basically window and door frames are transported from our factory to the building site. Glasses will be sent by our glass sup…

UPVC Windows manufacturers in India

Spiker Windows are a locally primarily based manufacturer of UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors in Bangalore, India. We manufacture our own top quality Interior and Exterior Windows and Doors using UPVC profile. We've built up a reputation for providing a number of the most effective Indoor and Outdoor opening Windows and Doors on the market!
At Spiker Windows we pride ourselves on our service from being a family run business operating throughout the globe. If you need the very best quality UPVC Windows and Doors then look no any.
If you want a name you can trust and service you'll rely on please give us a ring on 080-28475052 or visit our website, which has on display a wide selection of the UPVC Doors and Windows that we provide and experts are available to help you. As an alternative, if you'd like us to visit you at your home to install upvc windows to your dream home, please fill the quick contact form from our website link and one of our experts will cal…

Are higher rated upvc windows worth the money?

In a perfect world, all homes & buildings would be designed of the most energy efficient materials, in order to conserve the worlds best resources and to have the lowest environmental impact. Unfortunately, unless you reside or work in a very recently built property this can be not possible to be the case. The development, use and price of ‘A’ rated thermally efficient glass, for many properties, is unlikely to create any important impact on energy reduction, compared to the 'C' rated glass we sell, generally cost you between 10-20% more. Significant additional energy efficiency in a property is simply really achievable if you're able to improve the insulation of your walls, roof and floors, which is wherever most of the warmth dissipates through. Therefore we'd advise you to save money on the glass that you obtain and spend it where you would get best offer on your investment.
A wide range of innovative designs and colors to compliment your home. UPVC windows and…

Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors are the right solution for your needs making it simple to add the essential sense, light-weight and space that has become the hallmark of the standard home. When it comes to practicalities you'll find what you expect from aluminium and upvc windows and doors. From energy efficiency to security is enhanced by the latest factor in frames, glazing and hardware.
Our variety of energy efficient glazing windows and doors suits specific climate necessities to improve the thermal performance of your home. Spiker Windows offers expertise, quality and service that you can expect. Spiker Windows understands the choosing the right aluminium windows and door for your home is very crucial.
Spiker has a range of different styles of aluminium windows & doors to suit any project that you undertake. Synergy Residential Series is the classic aluminium windows and doors that suits your requirements. Otherwise you'll selec Quantum architectural series where the sectio…

Modern UPVC Windows and Doors designs for residential

Are you looking for the most effective reasonably windows and doors for your residential or commercial purpose? Being one of the largest UPVC door manufacturers in the world, Spiker Windows holds a good expertise and detailed knowledge of the business. Our wide range of products are highly effective in endless designs and can convert simple and unattractive rooms into eye-pleasing areas. Being highly cost-effective as compared to wooden doors, UPVC doors are economical alternatives to ancient doors whereas creating no compromise on look and design.
Spiker Windows is a prominent manufacturer of UPVC doors and windows. Each of the windows and doors holds a singular design and delivers everlasting beauty. Our products are being designed and created by windows and doors experts, comprehensive of craftsmen and engineers, who place together top quality materials and detailed planning to deliver best in class products. At Spiker Windows, you'll be able to get various styles of UPVC design…

Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors

Spiker Windows is India’s foremost UPVC fenestration brandand comparable the most effective within the world. Manufactured in state-of-the art factory, all the elements from the UPVC material to its frames and accessories like double compression seal, Spiker Windows products are designed to marvelous precision. The cumulative impact is that Spiker windows and doors insulate noise up to 40 decibels, thereby, keeping the space practically noise-free. The same features and tranquility will be enjoyed even with products-in -fashion like Spiker UPVC Tilt and Slide and Folding and Sliding doors.

Excellent thermal insulators, which implies less load on room heating and cooling devices and vital electricity saving. Spiker UPVC products also supply effective protection from weather, wind, burglary and uv radiations and customised for a wide range of shades and sizes. Spiker windows & doors enhance beauty and comfort of each building – personal, institutional or industrial. Tilt and Slide U…