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UPVC Windows and Doors Suppliers

We are one of the leading upvc windows and doors suppliers in Bangalore, India. Our sliding and folding UPVC doors are the center piece of our door range.They're on the market in three to seven panel configurations and can be utilized in openings up to 5.8m wide and even a lot of in special cases. The dual seals and multi-locking systems provides an air tight seal with zero air infiltration. This provides the utmost protection against the weather, even on our usually harsh tropical weather and coastline. The airtight seals also give superior protection against any unwanted noise. Spiker WindowsBi-fold doors are a great way of linking internal and external spaces and are elegant to most architectural designs enabling a 100 percent openable space. The most size for every interior door panels is 900mm wide x 2400mm high.
Tilt and Slide doors are good for units that have noise and space condition. In its tilt position these doors a…

Choose attractive colors to your home windows and doors!

All homes have an architectural design style that produces them unique and selecting the windows that matches with design aesthetic. Choosing right colors to your home is the first step to create best windows and doors. Whether you’ve a modern and contemporary home that features floor to ceiling glass windows and doors or you have a traditional style home with classic diamond-shaped mullions. You choose a attractive colors to your home from Spiker Windows and make your home looks more beautiful!
An exciting vary of finishes as well as realistic wood grain effects and a surprising choice of solid color choices further as an enormous array of glazing choices and door furniture means that, once you replaced UPVC Windows to your Home, you can actually remodel your home. Wood grain effect UPVC windows are incredibly fashionable as they provide the classic look of timber frames with the advantages of modern UPVC Windows. Wood grain will remodel the charcter of your home, but they should be…

UPVC Windows manufacturers in India

Spiker Windows is a luxurious design product created considerately on performance and functionality. Spiker Windows has installed one of the largest fully automatic UPVC Windows and Doors producing unit in Bangalore, India. We are the UPVC Windows manufacturers in India.
Spiker Windows has established an enviable reputation because the premier UPVC doors and windows brand for its accuracy, innovation and client service excellence. The company has accumulated extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing UPVC windows and doors. Our product are designed perpetually planned keeping you in mind.
Spiker Windows provides the upvc windows additionally as home fittings & interior solutions managed by young professionals from the fields of Design, IT, Construction and Management. We all know that selecting the correct windows and doors changes and attracts the look for your Home. For this is the reason, we tend to have predominant presence the least bit major platforms of interaction wi…

Arch Designs for UPVC Windows

Welcome to Spiker Window website. Spiker Window promote and propagate UPVC windows and doors and it's advantages to the Indian industry and general public at large. Do you wish to know how to make Arch Designs for UPVC Windows for your Home? You have come to the correct web site. One place where you'll be able to get information, network with business leaders and learn the way or what makes a best quality UPVC  windows and doors.
If you would like to install a design that beautifies your surroundings along with helping the structure of the buildings, then, selecting a styling yet a powerful arch design can be your excellent choose. Being associate integral a part of any building, structure, associate arch style is usually appropriate for bedrooms, balconies and lots of different elements of the structure. Now a days, arch designs are quite common and returning with intricate patterns to beautify the interior designs with different patterns. With its superb design, style and ap…

UPVC Windows and Doors in Bhubaneswar

Spiker Windows take a pride in being one among the UPVC Window and Doors manufacturers in Bhubaneswar, India with our own state of the art exclusion facility. In our endeavour of constant innovation and improvement we've originated a world class production facility to supply UPVC windows and doors systems, delivering customised solutions of international standards.
Our UPVC Window Systems include the upvc windows, frames and all fittings – able to fit and simple to put in at reasonable upvc windows price. UPVC window systems provide you with wonderful weather-ability, keeping out dirt, heat and noise. fully maintenance free, upvc windows and doors are often simply clean with household soap and water. We are one of the most effective upvc windows manufacturers provide a range of choices to fit your home layout. Selections in sash hanging, color, upvc window and door design make sure that window areas will be utilised to the most effective advantage. Color and finishes of your …

Window Door Manufacturers in Bangalore, India

There is no probability for compromise if matter of pride, a lot of over forever a hotel owner needs to surprise guest with completely different interior. Like water, lamps, Designer furnishings, Luxury Big-Boss style sofas or maybe international quality superb designer UPVC Windows and Doors.
When you going to get upvc ‎doors and windows always look out for the corporate that has best reviews, experience, highest quality product, installation method and services they provide. Spiker Windows is India’s answer to the world’s best UPVC fenestration answer. These quality products have got wind of a benchmark in engineering precision that is crucial to realize several objectives to face up for art movement windows and Doors. Spiker Windows is the India’s leading manufacturers of UPVC for many years, Spiker is at the forefront of the market in providing the best fenestration solutions.
UPVC products are robust, durable, abrasion and moisture resistantwithstand rust and corrosion free windo…

UPVC Windows manufactures in India

SpikerWindows is a manufacturing and installation of UPVC windows and UPVCdoors, within the Bangalore-India, with the application of industry-leading German technology. This ensures that the standard of our typically-treated extruded profiles remains unmatched in India. Our policy is to sit down with you, & discuss along what you wish, and bring that along, with what our specialists believe is that the best solution. Hence, we have a tendency to keep one's hands off from open-ended product systems, one thing that most firms undertake thanks to the cost-effectiveness.
What is UPVC Windows?
UPVC truly stands for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. UPVC is also called as rigid PVC and it's exhausting and doesn't flex. This material doesn’t not contain any phthalates, thus it's truly quite, safe, strong, durable and light weight. UPVC is so stable and safe that it's truly used to make dental retainers and mouth-guards.
There are several benefits to using UPVC Windows &…

Best UPVC Windows and Doors Designs

Spiker Windows is the leading UPVC Windows and Doors manufacturing company in Bangalore, India. Our range of UPVC Windows and Doors is for the residence as well as office spaces with varieties of designs, low maintenance cost and variant shades. With an professional experience of over a decade, the company possesses industrial experts, including designers, engineers and craftsmen, which help in development of ideal UPVC Windows and Doors.
Spiker Windows, upvc windows are a perfect way to add a pinch of charm and beauty to your home. Such windows and doors would make you feel safe with high security like multipoint locking, toughened laminated safety glasses and with extremely strong hinges. These upvc windows and doors can be replaced as per your needs. These upvc windows will add up to the internal and external beauty of your establishments, they don’t even acquire much space. We range of products available in casements and sliding types. Our upvc windows and doors act as an effec…

Leading UPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore, India

Spiker Windows is the India’s leading UPVC windowsmanufacturer and supplier provide a large vary of durable and glorious quality UPVC windows, to enhance the system of your home. The UPVC windows supply unique styles with low maintenance and color that last long and are easy to clean.
Spiker Windows products are a safe and secure choice for your home as one can easily incorporate multiple protection system. Further, they need thermal edges and because of their multi chambered design they act as an insulation and does not transmit thermal heat, so warmer homes in winter and cooler homes in summers thus, making homes energy efficient.
The right design and properly installed windows & doors will build an excellent difference to your home and we also to bring in plentiful natural light, sufficient air circulation, sound proof ,effective thermal insulation and security.
High performing UPVC window designs from Spiker Windows are easy to maintain and durable . They lend a component of st…

UPVC Casement Windows Bangalore, India

Are you interested in Casement Windows? Find a best supplier of UPVC Casement Windows in Bangalore, India. Casement Windows are the most popular style of replacement window within the Bangalore, India- an especially versatile window that will most homes where ever you reside. These windows includes fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, sash windows can be combined to create an almost limitless vary of designs, while providing the good thing about noise reduction, low maintenance, security and energy efficiencySpiker Window are able to do an A rating, the best possible window energy rating (A rated windows). Casement Windows Installation, With several extra options like decorative glass, attachable Georgian bars, arched head inserts, and rehearsal sash horns, sash windows will be tailored to your specific necessities and square measure out there during a vary of finishes and colors. Along with, the numerous aesthetic options out there, sash windows manufacture fr…

Unique UPVC Windows for Home

SpikerWindows is one of the leading manufacturers of prime quality UPVC Windows and Doors in India. Having a sound background in building-construction projects, Spiker additionally provides the leading edge in technology and services. We at Spiker believe our range of products, that have necessary roles to play in serving to improve people's lives and conserve energy during a world that's growing in population.  

We are very proud of the individual approach to help our clients to meet the challenges of property development. This is currently well underway and delivering real progress worldwide. The Window and Door System from Spiker supply wonderful thermal insulation even without expensive special glass.
In a typical Indian house over 50% of energy loss can come from the single glazing windows. With hign quality UPVC double glazed windows, will be able to cut down that heat loss down to only10%.
Water & Dust Proof

Spiker are planning to offer most water tightness throug…

Replacement Windows for your Homes

With recent advances in UPVC frame technology, Spiker offers our customers a huge selection of colored upvc fenster and Türen. As with all double glazing and triple glazing from Spiker Windows ,colored UPVC Profiles are all individually customized to your actual specifications and each aspects of high security and energy adequacy as standard and are available across our entire UPVC product range, including exterior french windows and doors, sliding exterior French windows and Doors,Double Glazed Windows and doors, Tilt and turn windows and doors, folding and sliding doors and more UPVC Windows and Doors would be launching shortly. Spiker Windows, wood grain laminate foils are durable, scratch resistant, may be simply clean and supply high performance and longevity in all varieties of weather. Our product can assist you visualise how our range of wood grain laminate foils might enhance your home. UPVC Double Glazed Windows If your building is new or searching for best replacement windows …

UPVC Sliding Windows

SpikerWindows offers a attractive collection of UPVC sliding windows to your homes. Crafted and designed styles enhances your needs and style. The sliding windows from Spiker, may be the foremost elegant alternative for your home décor. With increased options together with simplicity, architectural enrichment, and simple to use. Sliding windows are created by keeping various ideas in mind to cater different needs and functionalities of various customers. They're a good equivalent for slight spaces because they slide horizontally into the grooves behind the fixed panes. These kinds of windows are great selections for alternative restricted spaces like interior partitions, cubicles and balconies.

In UPVC sliding windows, one or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The windows are slightly raised above the track for smooth slide and additionally preventing dust from collecting down within the track. sliding windows are ideal for homes that need space-econ…

Energy Efficient and Sound Proof UPVC Windows

Upvc Windows and Doorsare the best of innovative products, that have been in the market for a long time all over the globe. They’re wind-resistant, sound-proof and prevent heat loss in contrast to wood and metal windows, owing to the insulation issue, that makes them additional energy-efficient. Spiker Windows could be a India’s foremost fenestration UPVC Company has become the favorite amongst the most recent generation of Architects. The reason is truly simple, the pleasant and innovative UPVC based products offered by the company has no contender in the present market. UPVC Products plays an active role in reducing the CO2 emissions into the environment saving on the cost of cooling or heating. Our wide range products are fully environment friendly and also products are recyclable. Spiker Windowsis the largest UPVC window and doors manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore, India. We offers the wide range of designs and colors to windows and doors, so that your home looks as more beauti…

Are you Looking for best upvc windows??????

CHOOSE BEAUTIFUL AND ECONOMIC UPVC WINDOWS FOR YOUR HOME Are you looking for best upvc windows company in Bangalore? At SPIKER, we have the perfect solution for your UPVC Windows requirements . Does any one feel as if you’re tossing money of your windows? Energy efficient upvc windows installed into your home. These windows will prevent the maximum amount as common fraction to 1/2 the facility that’s required to heat or cool your house. UPVC windows offers simple care, don’t need painting, staining or refinishing and it gives great look for years. From External Windows to Internal windows, we provide a fantastic selection of high quality UPVC Windows to meet every need. You can also eliminate your noise problem with sound proof UPVC windows, which will help us to avoid the outside noise. Bring out the beauty in your home with our decorative UPVC Windows. These windows can provide a unique and stylish look to your home. Our windows are second to none in quality and acquisition, whereas…