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Trying to find the best Upvc windows supplying company in Bangalore ??

Discover the different new windows that can make your home luxurious . Whether it can replacing your old windows or it can be for a new home – at Spikerwindows we have the best solution for you . Have you felt you are spending more money for home maintenance ?? try to install these energy efficient windows that can save your money . Many research institute have shown that this energy efficient upvc windows can save one-fourth to half of the power in your home.
Upvc products offers a easy care to your home – no need of painting as these upvc windows are available in different shades of colors so there is no need painting . We offer vast selection of high and best quality products to meet every customers need . If your disturbed by outside noise or pollution you can choose soundproof and dust proof windows that makes your home more peaceful.
Designer windows is also available which brings the beauty to your home . These windows offer a luxurious and unique look to your entire hom…

Upvc windows and doors in Bhubaneswar

We manufacture upvc windows and doors to both corporate and commercial buildings . These upvc material are especially manufactured to all kind of climatic condition.Upvc is a type of material which keeps home warm in winter and cool in summer . Upvc windows are maintenance free and saves lot of energy . To save energy and to avoid unwanted noise glazing is the best option . In glazing we get single and double glazing .

Spikerwindows is well known for supplying upvc windows and doors in India . We have manufacturing units in bangalore and bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is a place where we get to see traditional way of living . We have designers upvc windows which is best suitable for this city . Customers can always visit our store and choose the designs in our ready made windows and doors . International quality material used in upvc by Spikerwindows is make them maintenance free. These windows are very easy to clean and regular painting is not required as there are wide range of color…

Fire resistant upvc windows in bangalore

Everyone needs safety and security to them and to their family. Spikerwindows will guide you the best designs of fire resistant upvc windows. Upvc material itself have those qualities such as resistant to sunlight, monsoon-resistance and avoid dust and noise from outside. You can find a huge collection of upvc windows in bangalore for the best price. Protect your house from fire , dust and disturbance from outside .

 These windows are manufactured in such a way that they are successfully tested of passed a 20 minutes fire with the omission of stream hot, cold formed steel, snap lock glazing retainers secured with machines.Fire resistant windows are required to minimize the transmission of heat from one side of the window into another.  
To get more details about these fire resistance upvc windows please contact us :
Mail: Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395

Build an impressionistic Bedroom

Homeowners or hotel owners now a days have decided to warmed up to the idea of creating a luxurious bedrooms. Bedrooms are the place where you can relax after a long day at work. A well decorated bedroom can speak up the entire interior designing idea about the home owner personality.
Here are some tips which help you to get an luxurious bedrooms
Decor -Smaller bed always look good and accordingly decorate the room. Don't add too much furniture in your bedroom which will again make the room look packed. Have a physical space to allow to move freely .
Corners – Having a corners in bedroom can always strengthen the utilization of alone time . If you like to have a reading habit then you can create a separate place with a comfortable sofa and chair with a lamp.
Art work- this is the best idea to enhance the look of your entire home . Install a beautiful piece of artwork which draw the attention .
Colors – Always use subtle colors on the walls and to this add dark color acces…

Upvc bifold doors in bangalore

Upvc bifold doors are quite new to the market and these type of doors are commonly used in corporate offices and in commercial buildings, but now a days modernized upvc bifold doors are also used in domestic buildings. Wood patio doors are more popular and there are many designs of bifolding patio doors that make your house more brightness and look unique from others. Frameless bi-fold doors are composed of glass panels and they are look like transparent. As you can fold the doors at one side completly, so there you can feel more freshness, brightness and more spacious. You can invite your friends and relatives for outdoor party and you can enjoy every corner bit of your house. Spikerwindows furnish you different styles of upvc bi-fold doors such as frameless bifold doors, patio doors, folding sliding doors, framed bifold doors, etc.....Enhance the beauty of your house by make use of bifold doors and inorder to solve your room space. Upvc bifolding doors suitable for 10mm, 12mm, 15m…

Are upvc windows environmental friendly ?

Upvc get a full marks when we check or compare this with other products. Many research establishment have awarded these products as A+ for the commercial use and for residential uses. Upvc windows and doors have many advantages and is a high quality material that are recognized among all the builders and home owners. These are low maintenance windows and are tough,durable , never rot and do not require regular painting. They do not transfer heat and will not influence temperature of a building.
Combination windows of double glazing and upvc frames maximizes energy efficient . These material are widely used in foreign countries and it has become more popular in India as it is suitable to Indian climatic condition. These upvc windows and doors are environmental friendly . It can be re-cycled and as we doesn't require any regular painting it is well accepted as environmental friendly . When you compared to other products like timber, aluminium , wood – upvc windows are very user …