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Structural Glazing | spikerwindows

Structural Glazing systems are a lucent, premium effective answer for present day glass style. Structural glazing provides a high resilience with reference to the sections utilized and framework end. This is often a superb approach of manufacturing a structure that esthetically suits most external ascent and encompassing environs. Glazing systems supply a high level of flexibility inside style and will be utilsed in most glass style utilization. When cleansing, structural glazing systems have the adscititious advantage of a flush extraneous glass end, leading to no obstructions or advanced cleansing concerns.

Advantages : ▪ Permits for generous subject field design flexibility ▪ Will increase the thermal potency of buildings, as a result of the exterior exposure of metal framing    is either reduced or eliminated ▪ Curtail or eliminates water and air foray ▪ Diminish the potential for thermal breakage of glass

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Casement Doors | Spiker windows

From modern urban cut off to ancient little country bungalow, we've got a casement door to suit your household. Shaped from high grade UPVC all of our doors are draft to supply superlative performance, surveillance, fortitude, quality, weathering and sturdiness whereas remaining straightforward to control and cultivate.
Casement doors are the most effective choice you'll be able to create because these are not solely robust and lasting however additionally terribly productive for durable proofing and energy saving functions. These doors can complement the inner and external presentation of your family. Whether inward or outward gap, all doors provide a whole draught proof seal and all profiles are designed to be used with high security.

The window sash doors additionally features a range of profitable applications for tract of workplace house, meeting space etc. window sash doors provide an clear read of the enclosing surroundings and is uncomplicated to keep up than a slider…


Sliding windows and doors frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. We have a tendency to appraisal these style of doors with bigger firmness & safety for our shoppers. Slider Windows are formulated for those users who have a constraint for area.These windows run on a slippy mechanism with barely purpose operation whereby you'll be able to slide the windows on your fingertips. These windows go together with a add-on feature of a Bug Screen/Mosquito Panel. The windows are marginally raised higher than the track for sleek slide and conjointly avert mud from sinking down within the track.

We fabricated these doors with quality assured glass and robust frame using two or more sashes which area unit procured from legitimate merchant attributable to their formation with two or more sashes, UPVC sliding doors and windows are versatile to slip either right, left or flat on its trail. These doors area unit extremely appreciated by the purchasers and therefore terrib…


With UPVC with success showcasing its unassailable advantages, many owners and business folks are trying toward UPVC windows makers to boost their living and dealing areas. The UPVC material as a result of their resilience and low maintenance, is currently finding favor with customers and makers.
Some of the advantages that UPVC offers are:
• long sturdiness • wonderful thermal properties • Low maintenance necessities • insect resistance • Non flamable
Spiker windows furnish utility like:
UPVC Doors UPVC windows Komerling alpine Aluminium windows Glass work Structural glazing Patch fitting Variety of windows and doors we offer :
fixed right inward casement left inward casement french window sliding window casement door inward casement door outward french door sliding door combination window designer window temple window Spiker window always support creative design,comfort ,safety in product. Our aim is to provide low price and low maintenance upvc sash windows. Spiker…

Why UPVC windows better than wood or metal product ?

Few  of the specific advantages that is possible with the help of the UPVC windows  as compared to those  from wood and metal  Impact Resistant -The spiker windows products are fabricated with the unplasticised derivative of UPVC that renders them highly strong. This makes them far stronger than even the aluminum windows 
Weather Resistant  -UPVC is a material that does not get affected by weather in any manner. Therefore, unalike wood that is highly sensitive to the climate weather and metal that fails provide any protection from extreme heat or cold , UPVC windows and doors are a better choice.
Non-corrosive -The spiker windows  UPVC products have one specific advantage over those that are designed from aluminum. They are 100% non-corrosive and therefore the houseowner need not fret about the rusting windows and doors.
Longevity  -Unalike the products fabricated from metal or wood, the spiker windows UPVC range have a longevity life. This can be attributed to the superior properties of …

French windows in Bangalore

French windows  have evolved considerably over the yrs, not only in terms of the materials from which they are manufactured wood,vinyl,fiberglass, aluminum—but in the energy efficiency of the glazing and construction standards.  They are popular as both exterior and interior doors, can be outfitted with full length glass panels or any number of divided light configurations, and come in a vast range of models to suit any home style.
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Casement UPVC windows Bangalore

Casement upvc windows,  earliest form of movable windows, metal or wood framed, with hinges or pivots at the upright side of the vertically hung sash, so that it opens inward or outward in the manner of a doors. One frame, separately movable, of such a windows called casement windows.

Few good thing about Casement upvc windows.

A fully Open WindowFew MuntinsThey Catch Side BreezesHarder To Break Into visit us :

Benefits of UPVC windows -Spiker Windows

Benefits of UPVC windows

UPVC windows make a good impression of your house beacause of their quality, attractive features.Here we explore benefits of UPVC windows .

1.Low Maintenance
2.Reduces Noise
3.Fire resitant
4.Environment friendly
5.Energy Efficient
6.Weather Resistant
7.Added Security
8.Reduces condensation

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Best Quality UPVC windows

UPVC windows have increase  in popularity in last few years and with new designs ,elegances, colors it gives customers enough choice to choose from. With requirement coming up from residential need as well as offices keeps the upvc windows manufacturers on their toes to deliver quick and effective solution. when industry trend and standard is almost a need of the hour for uPVC windows manufacturers, With multiple competitor in the market there is a healthy competition, people are getting more know about UPVC windows  being environment friendly, sound resistant,also weather and water resistance.

Now, with such classy look and list of benefits people easily get attracted to such solution. Unlike the traditional windows & doors which were made of wood, iron, aluminum  or steel materials. They require more maintenance price if compared with latest UPVC windows. With top real estate project showing interest either for business unit or residential area more it reaches out to the people…

Benefits of Buying UPVC windows and doors

Better value
Haggling the price
Improved product quality
Made to size

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UPVC windows is Resistant to Insect

The wide range of functionality and properties make it now one of the most desired after material for construction and plumbing purposes. UPVC windows is quite rigid and resistant not just to tough weather conditions but also the onslaughts of other factors that cause deterioration in other materials. UPVC windows and doors is non-porous and so does not allow moisture to enter or settle between panels or anywhere in the frames. This feature keeps UPVC products secure from the ferocious attack of rotting and the deadly termites. Termites feed on wood and hence UPVC windows remains invincible against their invasion. Termites cannot attack  UPVC windows since it is made from a highly developed compound, keeping your house secure from these creatures that otherwise create widespread damage and are tough to get rid of. Not made from trees, UPVC windows is also therefore, environment friendly.

If you live in an area that has high moisture content or is prone to termite infestation, your sa…

Advantage and Disadvantage of Sliding UPVC Windows

Advantages of Soundproof Windows The biggest and most distinct advantage is that they reduce the amount of noise that enters the residence, sometimes as much as 95%. In addition to noise cutback, they also can reduce BTU loss by as much as 75% over single panes or over 50% over double panes. The laminated material can also reduce the access of harmful UV rays from the sun by around 99%. The added air space also provides an insulated value. An added bonus, soundproof upvc windows are easy to install, requiring no replacement of an existing window.
Disadvantages of Soundproof Windows
There really are not many disadvantages to installing them, except for the added price. If you don’t need the noise reduce, then there is really no reason for them. 
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UPVC sliding windows and doors

Be it modern or traditional, a homes  with Upvc sliding windows and doors  always gives you an ever lasting impact. Upvc,  is very famous these days, the evolution  of Upvc sliding windows and doors has given a new range  all together with its style.
As iron and wood materials getting expenses, customers look for alternatives which are more sustainable and entrancing. Therefore, Upvc sliding doors manufacturers are in huge demand these days. They can help you with most stylish.
While manufacturing Upvc sliding windows and doors, they keep in mind how they can make it more forceful in comparison to traditional one. An Upvc sliding windows manufacturer can help you with a range of alternative, inventive yet efficient solution. Being a customer you always have the choice to choose from wide range of colors for door panels design, these shielded and glassy panel also make your door energy robust and effective. Upvc windows and doors can be tailored made accordingly to your need and struc…

Benefits of sliding doors

·Energy efficiency
·Indoor/outdoor flow
·Space saving
·Natural light
·Easy access
·Environmentally friendly
·Great glazing
·Style visit us:

UPVC windows and doors manfactures

UPVC windows and doors manufacturers are revise up to idea of using newer and more irrepressible materials to provide tenacity and longevity to their product. UPVC is such material that offers a stylish, elegant and effective alternative to traditional materials like wood, aluminum or steels. UPVC windows and doors look acute and sophisticated and immediately better the look and feel of a building.

Any other material does not easily imitate this. Products made from UPVC don’t fade, chip, sag or flake and are easy maintained by cleaning with warm light soapy water and a clean cloth.  UPVC being extremely adaptable, the doors can be fashioned with any design – subtle or more ornate – allowing them to blend in to a house that is being renovated or in to a new house and instantly add a touch of luxury and grace to any building. Check out sites like to strike a world of these products that will add to the convenience and well being of the possessor of the house or buildin…

Different types of doors

Choose doors that suit your house better
Types of doors:

Right Inward Casement
Left Outward Casement
Casement Door Inward
Bottam Hung Tilt In
Top Hung Tilt In
Top Hung Tilt Out
Casement Door Outward
French Door
Sliding Door

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How do you make your House Termite proof ?

Having a termite free home is high on the agenda for everyone.If it is one’s own home that we are talking about or even a rental property making sure that the house is free of termites is first priority. From a house owners point of view, making assured that their huge investment is completely protected is a given.

In most cases termites attack corners and specific type of wood. There are measures that can be taken like installing a termite proof window and getting ones’ home treated with frequent pest control. No matter what type of window one has, whether  turn window and  it’s a tilt or any type kind, there are steps that can be taken to treat termite and other parts of the home for termite attack resistance.

Keep a check and have frequent pest inspections.

-Try not to store any type of untreated timber against the house as it has a tendency of attracting termites.

-Allow for ventilation in the house. Even if you have initiated a termite proof window, make sure that the house has …

Sliding UPVC windows

Single glazed upvc windows is designed in such a way that it avoid wind to enter inside and can withstand heavy wind. Totally it is a wind resistances door.Wall thickness should fall above 2.2 mm.Glass range of upvc windows comes between 4mm to 30mm.The aleardy pre-positioned thermal chamber gives the excellent thermal insulation and wind Resistance.16mm standard groove fit not only touch lock but also advance espegnolettes hardware. visit us:

Advantages of UPVC Windows

Low maintenance
Tough and durable
Rot resistant
Openable Tilt and Turn
Acoustic insulation
Resistant to salt erosion
Bushfire performance
High security

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upvc windows bangalore

Window profiles have multi chambers and so will provide an adequate fixing to hold the weight of huge and heaviest verticals. In center of the window is filled with composite material so that is it useful at reinforcing. We sustain our name in quality and business as the work of upvc windows and doors is the best as compare to any other company.
UPVC windows bangalore increase the insulation in room on accordance to noise,wind and heat etc. This windows and doors are environmentally friendly to everyone. Upvc windows usually comes with sophisticated locking systems that will be much better security for a home or hospitals. Upvc doors never rot or split as like the conventional type of doors. There is no problem of fading of color of discoloration from strong sunlight
We have crafted the upvc to withstand the highest quality specifications that make rigorous indian climatic conditions. India is the place where we can see the unity in diversity and variety of people and variety of choi…

Best Upvc windows and doors bangalore

casement windows and double glazed windows is the favorite of everyone and think to purchase for own and this is the nice opportunity to make it. As there is increase in utilization of household energy constantly on the peak there has a good time to install spikerwindows energy saving windows and doors for everyone's home.
We pride ourselves for providing the best quality service,ensuring value for money,windows and doors performance for long durable and the environment safety. Upvc windows and doors manufactured in our state with latest machines and techniques so that it meet all the modern requirement. All of our premium aluminium windows, doors, folding doors are available in any size and according to your taste.
Upvc windows bangalore produce doors with fitted multi point locking mechanisms and helpful to avoid strangers to get inside the house. All of our doors meet the main safety requirements of the clients. It is available in extensive colours and huge feature panels all…

upvc windows bangalore

Spikerwindows is the winner of several awards for hard work and innovative designs of upvc doors and windows. Team of specialist will come forward to design the best design for the interior and exterior of your home. Our recent projects put into display where you can check the range from contemporary to classical range of interior designs and we do create the trendy designs who wants to look the room casual as ever.
Upvc windows bangalorecraft the chrome amenities to give glossy and shine look to the interiors o home inorder to meet your lifestyle and taste of each and every individuals. Our company contains an exhaustive designs of collection so that the future visitors to our office can see designs and budget to make a correct decision. We create customized design that complement to every lifestyle and budget.

Latest technology and wide range of techniques implemented for generating the upvc windows and doors by our experts. Upvc windows in bangalore bring the variety of collection …

Upvc windows bangalore

Upvc windows and doors are easy to wash and maintain with less amount. The ingrained dirts and stains easily removed by the cream cleaner available in market. It removes the dirt inside the windows frames, even this process is very cheap as compared to conventional type of windows and doors require which require varnish and some other reagent which is costly to maintain. This creams spreads fragrance on the windows and doors for the pleasant odour inside the room. Gives a deep shine to the windows and glitter as like as new windows. Its solvent free cream and comes. UPVC Wipes is easy to wipes the dust particles in windows and easy to maintain with that.
You can use home available vacuum cleaner to clean upvc windows and it removes the dirt from the edge of the cleaner is a useful remedy to clean the window and it is recommended for the upvc windows. Everyone likes whites white as it brighten the home with white rays. Do not use the sharp brush nozzle to clean the upvc a…

UPVC Windows Bangalore

The abbreviations of upvc is unpasteurized poly vinyl chloride, since the modern emerging society is leading to many changes in day today usage of us. One of the usage is windows and doors as the conventional type is replaced by upvc windows and doors. This modern creation will be helpful in making your dream home in true. UPVC windows reduced the fuel consumption, thermal conductivity will be less as it contain the heat sink material not to allow access heat inside the home, maintain the room temperature during winter, soundproof material is used to reduce the unwanted noise, more reliable in nature and work for long life and durability increases with the low maintenance of soap and water is required to care of the windows and doors.

The doors are the positive inter mediator to bring the positive energy inside with the grace in life and that should be of quality one. Upvc windows Bangalore makes those happiness by giving the maximum life. The most supreme design and pattern implemen…

Upvc windows bangalore

Today open the windows of heart and know about the advantages of upvc, as upvc windows and doors will bring the positive energy from nature to inside of your home. This unplasterized poly vinyl chlorides is made from chemical but it is highly tested for the healthy life of everyone and not suffocate to the elders and children.
Upvc windows bangalore make the better option in all the better needs of individuals in bangalore as well as across India. Our crew has highly technologicl machines to make customized upvc windows and doors for buildings and offices. The corridor, conservatory and patio looks modern as the upvc windows and doors is fitted on it.

The rain drops also looks like crystal as it do not accumulate on the windows and do form condensation for reducing the visibility through windows. UPVC windows available in different colours to spark the mood in home and bring the pleasant atmosphere always. The upvc contains the sound insulation things to eliminate the noise and make…

Good UPVC Windows Bangalore

Spikerwindows manufacture and sell the product as per the international standard of Indian market. The resistance of sound and condensation is also as per the international standard. It is a upvc windows bangalore and good agent for residential as well as commercial homes and apartments. The customized doors for religious place and pooja doors with your expectation is done and exported from here. We have sliding upvc windows, french upvc windows, fixed upvc windows, upvc casement windows and lots more.
Today's main problem is pollution and spikerwindows is working on it to reduce the noise pollution worldwide and give the best product which would filter all the ynwanted noise inside the room. The need of High durable upvc windows and doors is day by day increasing among the youngsters. Environmental friendly upvc windows and doors are manufactured and sold at a large scale in spikerwindows. Check out the website for the features and the making of upvc windows and know the value a…

Sound Proof UPVC Windows and Doors

It is more reliable in nature and everlast for long. The unplasterized windows and doors is strong and rigid to hold the front wall of your home. But upvc windows and doors online and have the benefit of taking upvc to home. The windows and doors add beautiness to your home. Single glazed upvc windows is good for arranging any family occasion inside the home as it will opens widely to invite guest at a time.
upvc windows bangaloreis good to use as it rejects the outside noise and allow only brightness to enter and you will free and calm to do meditation and listen to the music in early morning or in the late evening and you will experience the best and good ambient as before. It is a good component of energy efficient as it reduces the 40 % current bill all over the nation as it allows fresh air and bright light from outside.

Ready made upvc windows is best to use nowadays as the conventional type of windows and doors consumes or generate maximum fuel consumption and destroy the g…

Cost Effective UPVC Windows Bangalore

We introduce the cost effective upvc windows and doors in bangalore for all type of construction work with high customization and great flexible design in home. This is also called as green window since it is very much economical and less cost product able to afford by everyone across india and other nation of the world to make a economical budget free heavy duty construction works.
Spikerwindows is considered as a world class upvc windows and door system. Our aspire is to produce less cost windows and doors as well as the windows and doors which is safe and minimize the impact on our environment. UPVC windows bangalore helps to enhance the greenhouse disastrous reduction so we can see a natural and pollution free atmosphere. UPVC is the versatile chemical products as it is easy to combine with different additives and modifiers to meet the requirement in chemical industries. Most of the customer's choose upvc because of low cost upvc, rich performance against sound,excess heat, r…

UPVC Windows Bangalore

This uplasticized polyvinyl chloride, chemically resistant and strong product to make pipes, window frames and other structures. This upvc windows bangaloreis so strong that it will not allow any strangers to your home with the burglar alarm. Limit unwanted noise with the help of soundproof upvc windows and doors. It is a type of good and rigid support chemical to make other form of product which will be everlast. More building industry and heavy duty constructions, corporates wanted upvc windows as the cost is cheapest than the conventional type of doors and windows. UPVC windows is reliable and cost effective windows and doors in nature.
Moreover it brings the elegance look to your home and gives comfortness to lock and open the doors. Various types of windows supported by upvc windows frames as it is easily adaptable to any types of windows. Sliding window,double glazing windows, thermoglaze windows,bifold windows are easily fitted in upvc window frames with a supportive rod in b…

Reliable UPVC Windows

The number of persons using upvc windows is increases day by day as it contains attractive and durable doors for your homes and offices. This upvc windows and doors gives high degree of durability. The first impression is the best impression as we heard it is suitable in each and every cases like the people who see your home will get the great impression of your home with these upvc windows bangalore. Want to own this excellent first response for your home come down to our office to know about the work and specification of UPVC Windows.
Since the windows and doors is made up of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride and highly durable. They are extremely hard to break and provides additional security to your home and offices. Doors and Windows made up of poly vinyl is highly rust resistant materials which is very useful in these rainy days. As it act as a protecting material in heavy rainy season and make your home away from getting destructed by weathers.

The quality of inexpensive incre…

UPVC Windows Bangalore

Today we are going to present you one story of a person called Ramu
Ramu is living in bangalore since 5 years and settle down in the city with his wife and two children in a small place and his land is very much complicated to understand its like a triangular in shape an d being an engineer he found little bit easy to make a blueprint of the construction layout and was ready with the final layout of his home and going to construct his home with his professional crew as it is his own home he have double concerned on construction and he started the foundation and the basement of the home after building the home he left with some space in front and his land is like triangular in shape he could not any space for the guest receiving place inside the home so he thought of an idea of building some space to have a talk with guest in front of the home so he searched us online and approached us for the idea to make it.

Our crew understand his needs and cross checked all the requirements and vis…